New work in progress video

I’ve uploaded a new video with the current status of the game.

As you can see there are a lot of new things.

Title screen

  • You can interact with the title screen.
  • Switches back and forth to the score screen (not yet finished).
  • Game starts Note: there will be a level selector

In game

  • Scene loads and most of the elements are already positioned, except for a few details.
  • The game start animation works (only missing a “Ready? Go!” message)

Hello world!

Welcome to the Twisted Potions site and development blog.

Until now I used to post things here and there (twitter, my deviantart account etc.) but since i want to participate with Twisted Potions for Windows 8 on Apptivate.ms I felt that the series needed an official channel. Anyway since the entry for apptivate wont ready until the end of the month… Let there be spoilers!

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The roots of Twisted Potions part one: the early days.

While Twisted Potions development itself is fairly recent (and none of the games have been released yet) the spark that lead to it started 2 years ago. While both games are being done from scratch, some elements like the 2011 Eurya character design (Little onion back then) have been reused. But let’s rewind back to August 2010

The first Little Onion

Back then i wanted to create a platformer game on my own. Personally i enjoyed those games a lot but unlike games like Sonic the Hedgehog or Super Mario Bros, my idea was not to build a pure platformer like those games but a puzzle game inside a platformer.

Summarizing the entire gameplay a bit, you played as girl named Little Onion. Her mission was to rescue the onions that were jailed/captured by an evil guy. Each level would need you to rescue a number of onions, while breaking some obstacles physics and using items you could buy before starting each level.

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Small hiatus

I’m sorry for no posting recent updates, i’m on holidays :) .

Double Touble is going quite good, you can try a small demo of the engine from a few days ago here, Note that the character you’re seeing here is for a side fan project that will be sharing assets with Double Trouble, but the style will be the same, since they’re sharing artists . The art section however, is having small delays, so i’m planning to do a small pause to settle the current issues with it.


Double Trouble part two: Twisted Tilemaps!

It’s been less than a week since the last dev log but i felt like doing an update post since there have been some interesting internal updates.

Unity  - TMX importer

Unlike the sprite animation library (ragepixel) there aren’t any open libraries that allow you to import tile based maps that work efficiently, so i made one from scratch.

Instead of building my own tile system which would require an editor, i decided to use the Tiled Map editor TMX format and build a simple importer for unity.

Don’t expect a lot of features from it. As it requires to be saved in TMX-CSV format, and loads only one tilesheet per file. I wont change this since most probably i wont need more than that, and in any case if you want to use multiple tilesheets you can export it easily in 2 files

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Double Trouble part one: Twisting little onion

I decided to write a development for Twisted Potions: Double trouble , i guess i could use my tumblr or a blog but since while not heavily art active i visit da quite a lot, i decided to do it here.

First i’ll introduce the project a bit.

Twisted Potions Double Trouble (TP from now on), is a platformer game derived from the original Little onion game that never came to be, with a twist

The original tests

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